As a global company with a UK headquarters, Clarion Events Ltd (CEL) supports the application and enforcement of both UK and other relevant international arms control and arms export legislation wherever we operate.

Specifically, it is a requirement that all equipment, services, documentation and all other forms of visual promotion and display, exhibited or proposed, must comply with UK law and UK international undertakings, EU/UN Law and EU/UN international undertakings.

CEL in cooperation with multiple Government departments, have defined the following policy on matters of compliance. All products on display at CEL exhibitions must comply with the UK Export Control Act 2002 (as amended) and it is solely the exhibitors' responsibility to obtain all necessary licenses and authorities. Compliance audits will take place throughout the event and exhibitors who are found in breach of this policy will forfeit their right to exhibit.

The controls on Category “A” goods apply to all forms of promotion, including general advertising. The act of distributing hard copy or electronic brochures or catalogues containing reference to any such product, or the inclusion of images of such products in stand displays, or any other form of other marketing of these products at CEL exhibitions is prohibited unless accompanied by export control and/or import licenses or other permissions from relevant government authorities.

The following equipment and services are prohibited at all Clarion Events Exhibitions:

  • Goods designed for the execution of human beings
  • Goods banned by the EU because of evidence of their use in torture.
  • Restraints specifically designed for restraining human beings, not including ordinary handcuffs.
  • Riot control or self-protection devices designed or modified to administer and electric shock.
  • Hand held spiked batons
  • Certain cluster munitions, explosive sub munitions, explosive bomblets and non-unitary munitions including components.
  • Landmines, anti-personnel mines and anti-material cartridges. (Landmines Act 1998)


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