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03 Apr 2018

Defense Minister attends opening session of 9th conference of Technical College with 22 countries

Defense Minister attends opening session of 9th conference of Technical College with 22 countries
Sedqi Sobhy attends the opening session of the 9th International Scientific Conference of the Technical College
General Sadeq Sobhi, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces and Minister of Defense and Military Production, witnessed Tuesday the opening session of the 9th International Scientific Conference, organized by the Military Technical College from April 3-5, with the participation of more than 26 And research centers.

The conference will discuss more than 200 research papers in 49 scientific sessions and 23 workshop involving 22 Arab and foreign countries in different countries of the world.

The conference is part of the interest of the armed forces in presenting the latest research and studies in the various branches of engineering and technological sciences, which is a great opportunity to communicate and exchange ideas and discuss the specialized researches and the latest technologies and scientific and technological achievements that take place in the world and benefit from the scientific and research applications of military and human sciences in the development of society And support the pillars of comprehensive development.

The session began with a speech by Major General Dr. Mohamed Tolba Salam, the general rapporteur of the conference, during which he reviewed a number of research papers and the most important topics covered by the conference from modern communication systems, radars, giant power networks, remote sensing, air survey and project planning.

Maj. Gen. Eng. Mustafa Abdul Wahab, Director of the Military Technical College, pointed out to the keenness of the General Command of the Armed Forces to provide all the potentials to support the research work starting from the development of the educational process, providing the integrated laboratories and modern references and advanced training assistance. And in full partnership with the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and international universities, and develop the system of performance for members of the faculty and the education system and build the personality of the officer combat engineer, as well as the expansion of participation in competitions world And its local.

On the occasion of the graduation of the first batch of the Department of Ship and Marine Engineering, Marine Engineering Department, Military Art College, the opening lecture of the conference dealt with the modern directions for the design and construction of the hulls of warships, in addition to academic cooperation between the University of Ludwig Maxmalin and the Military Technical College.

The Commander-in-Chief stressed that the aim of the conference is to develop the real scientific research, pointing out that the General Command of the Armed Forces is fully convinced of the importance of scientific research to graduate scientists able to serve the country and its armed forces, stressing that education and scientific research is the most important axis for the progress of nations. Egyptians in scientific research abroad.

The first scientific event was held in the presence of the Arab Organization for Industrialization, the National Military Production Authority, the Arab International Optical Company, several major international and local industrial companies, and a number of technical researches for students of the Military Technical College and innovators of young graduates.

At the end of the meeting, the team congratulated Sabhi on his congratulations to President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, the supreme commander of the armed forces, for "the precious trust he enjoyed by all Egyptians" and wished him success during the next presidential term.

Sobhi stressed that the armed forces continue to cooperate fully with the political leadership to complete the march of Egypt in its giant development leaps. The Commander-in-Chief expressed his sincere greetings, thanks and appreciation to the Egyptian people for participating in the presidential elections in a dignified manner, which dazzled the world in advance of congratulations to the Egyptian people. And Copts on the occasion of the near Easter, and the memories of Isra and Maraj ».

The opening session was attended by General Mohamed Farid, Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces, a number of ministers, leaders of the main branches, a number of leaders of the armed forces, a number of public figures in the State, faculty members of the Technical College and Egyptian universities.



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