Egyptian Chief of Staff Inspects Armed Forces, Development Projects in North Sinai

18 Jan 2023

Egyptian Chief of Staff Inspects Armed Forces, Development Projects in North Sinai

Egyptian Chief of Staff Inspects Armed Forces, Development Projects in North Sinai
Within the framework of the field follow-up carried out by the General Command of the Egyptian Armed Forces to check on the security situation and aspects of a safe life in North Sinai, Lieutenant General Osama Askar, Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces, inspected a number of development projects that the Armed Forces are supervising their implementation.

He met with a number of engineers and workers supervising the projects, praising the performance rates which is being implemented on the ground, and he also met with a number of sheikhs, wise men, and the people of Sinai, pointing out that they represent the first line of defense, hand in hand with their armed forces to preserve the capabilities of the homeland.

The Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces inspected the insurance system on the northeastern border line and the Rafah land crossing, and was assured of the progress of work and the security measures taken, followed by passing through a number of ambushes and security points, the Egyptian Armed Forces said in a statement.

On the main roads and axes in the cities and villages of North Sinai, he also witnessed one of the inspection and combing operations in the villages that were cleared of terrorist elements by law enforcement elements in North Sinai, and he made an inspection tour of the city Sheikh Zuwayed during which ‎ he met with members of the Ministry of the Interior and praised their efforts in maintaining a stable security situation.

Furthermore, he met with the Head of the City Council, who expressed his appreciation for the efforts of the armed forces and the civil police in preserving security, followed by an inspection tour of the streets and markets of the city of Arish, and reassured the return of all aspects of life to normal status in light of the safe climate that North Sinai has enjoyed.

On the sidelines of the visit, the Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces met with the Governor of North Sinai and the Director of Security to continue coordinating efforts to serve the ambition of the people of North Sinai for a decent life.

He also met with the forces of North Sinai Security Sector, confirmed the importance of maintaining what they obtained and what they came to stable security status, and praised the high morale of the heroes of the armed forces and the extent of their true will to sacrifice everything precious and valuable for the sake of Protecting the homeland.

Lieutenant General Osama Askar also conveyed the greetings and appreciation of Lieutenant General Mohamed Zaki, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Minister of Defense and Military Production, to the men of the Second Field Army for their efforts and sacrifices that enabled the restoration of security and safety and the creation of a suitable climate for investment and comprehensive development in Sinai and preserving the achievements and capabilities of the homeland.